Current Lineup

as of 11/14/19
Vanilla cake, chocolate glaze, graham cracker and toasted marshmallow
Lemon Poppy
Vanilla cake, lemon glaze and poppy seeds
Cocoa Pebs
Chocolate cake, chocolate glaze, cocoa pebbles with chocolate drizzle
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Vanilla cake with vanilla glaze, cinnamon sugar and cereal
E.T. Phone Home
Vanilla cake with chocolate glaze, peanut butter drizzle and candy
Blueberry Lemon
Vanilla cake with blueberry glaze and lemon drizzle
Unicorn Farts
Vanilla cake and vanilla galaxy glaze with a cotton candy buttercream puff.
Chocolate cake, chocolate glaze and toasted coconut with homemade caramel drizzle.
Cinnamon Sugar
Vanilla cake covered in cinnamon and sugar.
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate cake with vanilla glaze and oreo crumble.
The Pebs
Vanilla cake with strawberry icing topped with Fruity Pebbles.
Vanilla cake with strawberry glaze dripped in rainbow sprinkles.
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